My Mission

For too long, we the average citizen have relied on career politicians to solve our problems.

We’re busy people after all. We work, we take care of our families, take pleasure in our hobbies, and pursue our dreams. We trust that when our leaders talk that they are presenting objective evidence in the interest of the whole truth. We expect our leaders to act as public servants, and to act with integrity in our best interests while we live our lives.

In this capacity, our leaders have failed us.

Time and again our best interests have been sold out in backroom meetings to sweetheart deals. The same banks, the same contractors, mysteriously keep getting the best offers from the city. The public prosperity tossed aside so a select few entrenched partisans can enrich themselves at the expense of the working class. False narratives and bald faced lies spun into platitudes, patting themselves on the back with one hand and holding the masses back with the other.

It is irresponsible for our leaders to blame younger generations for economic issues that have existed long before they were born; the same economic issues they’re quick to lay at the feet of “others” with no actual suggestions for resolution. The generations of today and tomorrow aren’t looking for freebies and handouts, they’re looking for our government to function with interest in the public good that elevated their parents and grandparents to their stations in life.

Any politician that vows to take us backwards and focuses on the past – a past which only exists when viewed through the narcotic haze of nostalgia – certainly has no path forward or plans for the future.

I decided to take action, to do more than just make my voice heard but to be a positive force of change and prosperity. To be a force of inclusion, and objective rationalization. To be a helper, a leader, and most importantly, to serve all members of my community.

It’s time that we as individuals take our future into our own hands.
My name is Kim Bentley, and this November I want to be your next City Treasurer.