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Kim Bentley believes in the power of community.
Kim Bentley II, a single father of a child about to enter Virginia Beach City Public Schools, has spent over a decade building his community in the Hampton Roads area. As the president of the Green Run Homes Association, he chairs the 9 person board tasked with oversight of the largest community association in Hampton Roads. Kim was elected to guide the decision making, oversee a multi-million dollar budget, and most importantly to ensure that the Green Run community is a place that residents are happy to call home. With 4600 homes and over 16,000 residents, this is no small task – Green Run is larger than many towns in the state.
Kim appreciates the collaborative approach VBCPS employs in working with families and the community, but is concerned about the recent efforts to erode parents’ trust in our district and especially our teachers. When Kim is elected, he will strengthen the parent-teacher partnership. In a society that is more connected than ever, keeping our school system at the forefront of technology is important. With over 20 years of IT Industry experience and currently a contractor with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Kim hopes to streamline existing parent communications through thoughtful and efficient technology use.
Kim believes that teachers are an essential part of the village that raises our children. As a Black American, he is concerned about recent curriculum challenges that seek to limit what children can learn. Kim believes that children can’t get a quality education by avoiding the truth of our complex history. Difficult conversations help us get ahead and hiding information we find embarrassing doesn’t lead to advancing academic achievement and raising standards. A firm believer in lifelong learning, Kim knows that education is the pathway to our community’s prosperity. When Kim Bentley is elected to the school board, he will bring with him the qualities of energy, integrity, and objectivity that have made him a leader within the community.



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