District 10 Voter Information


Virginia Beach Gives Local Voters a Voice

Our city’s voting system has changed to a “10-1” system. Prior to this change, anyone in the city could vote in any or all of the district representatives, no matter which district they lived in. In other words, the entire city decided who represented the citizens of the District 10 area, not just the citizens of District 10. Now, Virginia Beach Voters will only be able to vote in the City Council and School Board elections for the district in which they reside, creating representation that directly reflects the diverse priorities of the residents in each part of the city. There will remain one position on each body that will be voted on by all voters in the city; the Mayor and one “at-large” School Board Member.

Find Your District

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Kim's commitment to District 10

As the president the Green Run HOA Board, Kim understands that governing by committee takes a high level of teamwork. Virginia Beach’s new district system designates one board member to represent their specific area of the city. District 10 is unique in that it was previously combined with other districts which underrepresented the diverse District 10 community. Kim is a part of YOUR community and is excited to hear what’s important to YOU.

District 10 residents

Green Run area is home to 45,000 residents in 17,000 households. Below you can see the diversity represented by the district’s residents.

Thank you for choosing Kim to represent you on the School Board!

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